Spring party 2015

Spring party 2015


Hoogstraten, 15-10-2015

On May 13th, Bogaerts greenhouse logistics organized the employee elections for the ninth time. Through a voting form, every employee could vote on his or her winner in various categories and motivate why this person deserves the award. In the category ‘employee of the year’, the employee that has shown the most collegiality throughout the year and/or deserves to be put in the spotlight, is rewarded. This year, there was also an election for ‘nonstarter of the year’, ‘Bogaerts Prettiest’ and ‘Bogaerts stunt team’. As with political elections, the period prior to the elections, was a period of campaign to gather as many votes as possible.


The festive evening began with an inauguration of the new staff garden and the taking of the traditional group photo. Then the results of the elections for each category were announced, With special mentions of the most original justifications on the election forms.


The stunt team could prove their name and reputation to their colleagues through a practical test.


All winners received self-designed and customized trophies and could choose a prize from a prize table of accumulated gifts. The remaining gifts were distributed among all enthusiastic colleagues. The sunny evening ended with a delicious barbeque.

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