Qii-Lift BOS Z-350

  • Qii-Lift BOS scissor lift basic view
  • Qii-Lift BOS scissor lift stability on uneven ground

    Stability on uneven ground

  • Qii-Lift BOS scissor lift simple control

    Simple control

  • Qii-Lift BOS scissor lift steering

    Steering with handles on control panel

  • Qii-Lift BOS scissor acceleration and deceleration

    Smooth scissor acceleration & deceleration

  • Qi-Lift toolbox


There is a great evolution in the greenhouses of the strawberry cultivation. It is no longer ‘the strawberry under a low plastic tunnel’, the last few years, they are also cultivated in high glass greenhouses.
In these greenhouses there is not always use of pipe rails and Bogaerts greenhouse logistics became enthusiastic to find a solution for a hydraulic scissor lift that can be used on rough, uneven ground. The starting point of the development is the concept of the successful Qii-lift pipe rail trolley. Due to its steering system, wheel driving system and large, robust tires, the Qii-lift BOS offers a stable and smooth driving.
End 2015 the first Qii-lift BOS was handed over.

  • User friendly, stable and a very low maintenance cost
  • Robust and reliable, by using A-class components
  • Zero turn (fully turns around its axis)
  • Fully double layer powder coated chassis and scissors, mechanically blasted for years of protection and easy cleaning


  • Steering on platform with steering wheel and throttle control
  • Two driving modes:
    • high agility, quick steering
    • automatic straight ahead, minor steering corrections: comfortable between gutters

Lifting platform

  • Smooth, fast lifting and lowering of platform with a soft start/stop, independent of load
  • Wide entrance at front and back side of the cart
  • Strong and contactless speed regulator
  • Anti-slip platform with built in, water resistant, stainless steel foot pedal
  • Length 2000mm
  • Height 3650mm

Wheel Driving system

  • Drive with maintenance-free gearbox (no chain)
  • Max speed drive shall be reduced automatically at a specific platform height
  • Wide pneumatic tires
  • High stability and compensation of irregularities on the road


  • Rounded edges so no plant damage can occur
  • Flat chassis, boltless exterior
  • Guide mechanism integrated at bottom of chassis: no accumulation of dirt
  • Easy access to battery, full traction battery 118Ah
  • Extra operating panel integrated in chassis
  • Electronics are extremely resistant to vibration
  • Waterproof electronics, 1 print for all functions, 1 print for all products

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