Qii-Drive Fust - AGV eggplant harvesting machine

  • Qii-Drive Fust eggplant harvesting machine
  • Qii-Drive Fust harvest robot for harvesting crops low tot the ground

    Ergonomic working height

  • Qii-Drive Fust harvesting machine with high stability even when harvesting at height

    High stability

  • Qii-Drive Fust with efficient work flow by sliding empty crates from the main platform to the empty boxes frame

    Efficient workflow

  • Qii-Drive harvesting machine with extended scissors for high harvesting

    Smooth scissor movement

  • Qii-Drive with extendable working platform and empty boxes rack

    Empty box frame and working platform

  • The Qii-Drive Fust platform is adjustable in height for very low harvesting and crops at great heights

    Working range from 170mm to 3780mm

  • Qii-Drive Fust AGV harvesting machine, driving on concrete path with induction line


  • Qii-Drive Fust with zero-turn concept, turning around its axis

    Zero turn

  • Qii-Drive Fust with intelligent AGV traffic control on crossroads

    Intelligent traffic control

The Qii-Drive Fust is the AGV solution for harvesting on height using crates. The Qii-Drive Fust is one of the biggest harvesting machines Bogaerts Greenhouse Logistics ever made. The extended position of the fust platform and working platform gives the grower more possibilities to handle a wide range of plants. This electric piperail trolley ensures an increase of productivity at harvesting efficiency in transport and communication with packing system. The combination of the hydraulic scissor and the adjusting working platform (at both sides) ensures ergonomic harvesting. You can reach every working area of the plant. The extendable sliding frame (also at both sides) makes space for empty crates. Our rollertrack consists of low friction rolling bars, and gives a lot of comfort to push the crates (without causing damage when they are full with harvested vegetables).

  • Very stable and robust double hydraulic scissors
  • Bogaerts rollertrack
  • Maximum height platform 3780mm
  • Minimum height platform 170mm
  • Easy handling on front- and backside
  • Comfortable working position: platform on the front- and backside of the cart, platform adjustable in height
  • Very good divided axle load on the pipe rail
  • Smooth transition from pipe rail to concrete path (no sudden acceleration)
  • Drive with maintance-free gearbox (no chain)
  • Drives at desired speed (max 110m/min)
  • Smooth finished chassis
  • Front and rear bumper
  • Can work in combination with Bogaerts greenhouse logistics' fust handling system
  • Can be used with BOPAD registration software

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