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Launched Qii-Drive Shift


Launched Spot Spray Unit

Qii-Jet HMV newsflash

Launched Qii-Jet HMV

Qii Drive Flower newsflash

Launched Qii-Drive Flower

Added the Qii-Drive Fust harvesting machine

Launched Qii-Drive Fust

Bogaerts TOP 10 innovations

Bogaerts' Top 10 innovations

Gutter cleaning machine

Launched Gutter cleaner

Bogaerts TOP 10 innovations

Launched Qii-Jet TAH-342

Qii-Lift harvesting trolley with bottom unloading container

Launched Qii-Lift C

Qii-Go power tug

Launched Qii-Go (AGV & hand-operated)

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