Bogaerts' TOP 10 innovations

10. 100% constant speed

100% constant speed

The intelligent cruise control software ensures that the speed of the Qii-Lift remains constant. Under ideal conditions, the tubular rails are fixed in a horizontal position. However, in practice, this is not always the case.

If the Qii-Lift crosses a welding seam or any other small inconsistency in the tubular rails, the trolley will self-regulate the speed to overcome the obstacle. (Where, as in the past, the trolley had to be driven back and gather speed in order to cross the obstacle.)

9. Anti-rope flange wheels

anti-rope flange wheels

Thanks to the ingenious design of the Bogaerts flange wheels, strings and plant remains cannot tangle anymore around the axles of the flange wheels.

8. Durable internal charger

robust speed control sensor

Another improvement to our Qii-Lift is the internal battery charger. The user no longer needs to drive the cart to a charging zone. The worker can recharge the batteries at any supply socket in the greenhouse by plugging in the power cable. This saves time as the cart remains in the neighbourhood of the working area.

Besides, the disadvantage of an external charger disappears. An internal charger is well protected as it is fully integrated and encased in a waterproof case IP 67.

The smart HF charger will indicate the charging progress by an indication LED from start to finish. When the batteries are fully charged, the charger will automatically stop charging. This procedure optimizes battery life and saves electricity costs. We always adapt the battery charger in function of the specifications from our high quality batteries.

7. Robust speed control sensor

robust speed control sensor

Thanks to the positive feedback we received regarding our potting innovation (referring to innovation 3), we extended this concept to another critical component of our pipe rail trolleys.

We designed a speed sensor. By adding a compound, the speed sensor forms a solid block, which enhances the dust- and shock resistance. This makes it a sustainable innovation which results towards a reduction of the maintenance costs.

6. Stainless steel foot pedal

stainless steel foot pedal

The foot pedal is often considered as one of the most fragile components of a greenhouse trolley. At the same time, the foot pedal is also one of the parts that will wear the fastest because of his high work usage.

Quality is what Bogaerts stands for, so we developed our own foot pedal. Our foot pedal has no microswitch but is equipped with a sensor, which means there will be no wear and tear.

The use of high-grade materials and durable components results in a robust, solid foot pedal that withstands humidity, dust and user impact for years.

5. No chain drive

No chain drive

A popular choice for pipe rail trolley drive systems are chain drives. As chain drives require a high maintenance, the maintenance costs can increase rapidly.

The Qii-Lift is equipped with a high-quality gear drive that has been specifically developed for horticultural pipe-rail trolleys. The gear-drive is a self-lubricating system and is maintenance-free!

4. Entrance gates at both sides

low step-up height

The Qii-lift has two entrance gates, one located on each side of the platform. This innovation ensures the user can easily hop off the cart when necessary. The user can move without having to cross the crop. Thanks to this advantage, plant and fruit damage will be prevented.

The robust gates can be opened by a simple push. Besides, the user can use the gates as a support to hop on the cart. Through this way, the fingers will not be pinched.

Furthermore, the gates cannot be considered as an obstacle. When the gates are open, the workspace within the platform is completely free.

After stepping onto the platform, the gates will close via their ‘’self-closing’’ concept. The gates are designed in such a way, that they can only open inwards. This eliminates the risk of accidental opening while doing crop work.

A useful toolbox is integrated in one of the gates so users can take some small materials with them.

3. Potted electronics


One of the most important aspects in machine development, is to know your users and the user environment.

Through years of experience, we gained excellent insights in how and under which circumstances our products are used. Moreover, we found out exactly what they should be able to withstand. This is why every single Bogaerts machine is a composition of high-grade and robust components.

Electronics are often said to be the weakest components in pipe-rail trolleys. However, our pipe rail trolleys are equipped with potted electronics, which make them extremely durable!

The PCB in the Qii-Lift is mounted into a sturdy metal plate which is filled with a compound afterwards. This creates a solid, dust-free and shock-resistant block that serves as the brain of the Qii-Lift and last for years and years!

2. High driving speed (110m/min)


High speed, high productivity!

The smoothly adjustable driving speed provides an enjoyable experience. The standard speed ranges from 0 to 55m/min, and can be DOUBLED by pushing the "boost-button".

With the maximum cap of 110m/min, crop work is finished in no-time!


1. Low step-up height

low step-up height

Bogaerts gives high priority to ergonomics when developing a new product.

An ergonomic product design keeps users satisfied which indirectly leads to more efficiency, reducing costs and a safer workplace.

One of our ergonomic optimizations is the step-up height of our pipe-rail trolleys. The Qii-Lift H351 has a step-up height of only 490 mm!

To give workers more comfort while standing on the platform of the Qii-Lift, we have the option of the ‘’anti-stress’’ floormat.

low step-up height

low step-up height

low step-up height

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