Qii-Drive Flower

  • Qii-Drive Flower harvesting machine
  • Qii-Drive Flower empty and full machines
  • Qii-Drive Flower harvest rotation with sliding frame

    Sliding frame

  • Qii-Drive Fust harvesting with both hands free

    Working handsfree

  • Qii-Drive Fust rotating robot in a zero turn

    Zero turn

  • Qii-Drive Fust automatisation


  • Qii-Drive Fust intelligent traffic control between machines from rail to rail

    Intelligent traffic control

Efficiency, automatisation, ergonomics, constant and smooth transport,... keywords for every grower. Bogaerts Greenhouse Logistics has also expanded it's product range in floriculture on the base of these words. Starting from their robust, reliable Qii-Drive technology, Bogaerts had developed a flower frame that can be pushed off autmatically. The Qii-Drive ensures a considerable increase of productivity at harvesting! It gives the crop worker more comfort while harvesting: the Qii-Drive drives at a constant speed, the user has both hands free using a push bellow at the level of the thigh to move forward on the tuberails. The Qii-Drive Flower is an AGV harvesting cart. These carts operate fully automatic, the cart follows an inductive wire and stops at each obstacle or fixed stoppoint.

  • Automatic guided vehicle (AGV)
  • Easy handling on front- and backside (one-hand manipulation)
  • Very good divided axle load on the pipe rail
  • Smooth transition from pipe rail to concrete path (no sudden acceleration)
  • Drive with maintenance-free gearbox (no chain)
  • No hydraulic lift system
  • Drives at desired speed (max 110m/min)
  • Smooth finished chassis
  • Front and rear safety bumper
  • Can work in combination with Bogaerts Greenhouse Logistics' Flower handling system

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