Qii-Drive Shift UV-C

  • Qii-Drive Shift UV-C
  • Qii-Drive Shift UV-C safe, accurate and carefree

    Safe, accurate and carefree

  • Qii-Drive Shift UV-C 100% autonomous

    100% autonomous

  • Qii-Drive Shift UV-C preventive treatment

    Preventive treatment

  • Qii-Drive Shift UV-C easy handling

    Easy handling

  • Qii-Drive Shift UV-C proven effectiveness

    Proven effectiveness

  • Qii-Drive Shift UV-C modular design

    Modular design

To comply to the demand for an autonomous solution for UV-C treatment, Bogaerts Greenhouse Logisctics developed the Qii-Drive Shift UV-C. This newly developed platform for autonomous row shifting, allows you to treat your crops with UV-C light by night when no workers are in the greenhouse.

With its modular design, it fits in every greenhouse and is easy to install. Start and stop position are chosen specific to your situation. While shifting rows, the Qii-Drive Shift can be set to skip mulitple rows and corrects for small deviations of the tubular rail position. Our early return function avoids the cart from treating only a small part of your greenhouse and stopping in case a cart was accidentally left on the rails.

The Qii-Drive Shift UV-C has:

  • Fully autonomous row shifting.
  • Treating multiple rows simultaneously.
  • Smart dosing strategy to minimize peak dosage.
  • Adjustable lamp position.
  • Intuitive manual controls and dosage selection.
  • Easy start up with waiting functionality.
  • Early return function.
  • Obstacle detection.
  • Clear signalisation.

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