Qii-Lift C - harvest trolley with bottom unloading container

  • Qii-Lift C harvest trolley with bottom unloading container
  • Qii-Lift C in combination with container hoisting system to lift containers

    Hoisting system

  • Bottom unloading container with hoisting hook

    Hoist hook

  • Bottom emptying container with handle for easy emptying of peppers

    Simple emptying system

Every grower is looking for the most efficient way of harvesting. This choice depends on the type of crop, the way of crop work, … Beside those factors, the possibility of internal logistics is also determined by the infrastructure of the greenhouse.

Meeting the customer’s needs and developing a user-friendly, total solution are one of Bogaerts Greenhouse Logistics most important targets and challenges.

To harvest with bottom unloading containers at height, the Qii-Lift has been redesigned with a stronger scissor and a container platform. The Qii-Lift C was born. The Qii-Lift C operates in combination with a hoisting system. The hoisting system is used to unload bottom unloading containers.

The design of the Qii-Lift C is based on our popular Qii-Lift H and works in the same user-friendly way. The user of the Qii-Lift C can harvest up to a height of 3,5 meter. After he has placed the crops carefully in the container, the worker can manoeuvre the Qii-Lift with container to the location where the hoisting system is positioned above the concrete path.

The container is equipped with a hoist hook to connect to the hoisting system to empty the containers. Through a single pull on the handle, the bottom plates open and the container is emptied in one go, ready to be filled again.

  • Used in combination with a hoisting system
  • Bottom unloading container with 0.66 m³ capacity
  • Modified scissor for a carrying capacity up to 350 kg
  • Identical control panel as the Qii-Lift H

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