Qii-Jet TAH-342 Strawberry spraying robot

  • Qii-Jet horticultural spraying robot
  • Qii-Jet Low center of gravity

    Low center of gravity

  • Qii-Jet spray boom extensions are determined by bay width

    Different spray boom extensions available

  • Qii-Jet with spring loaded rolls for optimal weight distribution

    Optimal weight distribution

  • Qii-Jet simple controls and easy pipe rail shifting

    Simple controls - Easy row shifting

  • Qii-Jet horizontal spray boom folding

    Easy folding / unfolding

  • Qii-Jet High speed cruise control

    High speed cruise control

  • Qii-Jet spraying robot touch screen with user-friendly interface

    Touch screen control

The Qii-Jet TAH-342 automatic strawberry spraying robot is the newest redesign of our horizontal spraying robot with tank. It is based on the popular Qii-Jet TAV-342, inheriting all its added values. It is mostly used for strawberry pests and disease control, treating multiple rows simultaneously.

With the simple touch-screen and accessible user interface, you can create and optimize spray programs in no-time. You can specify the path length, spraying pattern, litres per hectare etc. and the Qii-Jet will do the rest for you.

Our Qii-Jet is equipped with a redesigned tubular rail detection system for accurate path length measuring. It knows it's precise location on the tubular rails, resulting in minimal time loss when approaching the end of the path.

Also, the excellent weight distribution ensures durability of both the spray machine and the tubular rail system.

The ease of use has been greatly enhanced: the spraying robot has an integrated litre counter for accurate spray liquid measuring and mixing. The tank unit is equipped with a 3-way valve to empty the tank, or switch to service mode. And the durable electronics have been moved to the front of the control panel for easy access.

  • Tank 300l
  • Automatic speed and pressure calculation for desired litre/hectare
  • Easy input of parameters in a separate touchscreen
  • Input of various programs possible
  • Full-speed on pipe rails when not spraying - 110m/min
  • Automatically sprays the full length of the path or a partial length of the path, depending on the program settings
  • Separate button for selection of manual spraying
  • Full-traction batteries 24V – 400Ah
  • Transmission on concrete path and pipe rails
  • Self-centering swiveling wheels
  • Tank with built-in injector agitator nozzle for turbulence of tank contents
  • Frequency driven pump unit

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