Bo Cart 5 - harvest trolley on tires

  • Bo Cart harvest trolley with rubber air tires
  • Bo Cart harvest wagon used on rough terrain
  • Bo Cart harvest trolley with heavy swivel wheels rubber tires

    Heavy swivel wheels - rubber tires

The Bo Cart BOS is our ‘man-powered’ harvest trolley on tires.

The unique aspect of this harvest cart on air tires is its modular design. Available with rollertrack, empty boxes rack, paper boxes, ...

Also, its chassis is free from protruding elements so it can ride alongside the crop without causing damage. This is the ideal harvest trolley for greenhouses without a pipe rail system.

  • Fully powdered chassis, mechanically blasted
  • 4 Low resistance rubber wheels: 2 center wheels and 2 swivel casters
  • Robust but lightweight
  • Enhanced towing bar
  • Modular concept - Many different types, lengths, widths and heights possible (see options)

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