Induction course - Guide your AGV through the greenhouse

  • AGV Induction course

    Customer specific course design

  • AGV Induction course

    Traffic controller

  • AGV Induction course

    Automatic gate control

Bogaerts greenhouse logistics has designed different modules (L-point, X-point, stop-point, harvest cart positioning system, ...) which can be combined to form a customized induction course. The communication between those modules is done by PLC control which Bogaerts develops in-house.

  • An induction wire is placed in the concrete path. This is the route that the automatic guided vehicle will follow
  • Very complex course branching, intersections and priority rules possible
  • The full course and necessary traffic rules are determined in advance and all turning circles are calculated
  • Every course worldwide is installed by our own technicians with in-house developed technology

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