Pallet transport trolley

  • Pallet transport trolley with europallet
  • Transport trolley for pallets
  • Transport trolleys connected to Power Bee AGVtow truck

    Up to 3 trolleys in succession

  • Transport of fust EPS-boxes or cardboard boxes

    Useful for cardboard and EPS-boxes

  • Transport trolley for containers 80x120cm

    Compatible with 80x120cm containers

As the name suggests, the pallet transport trolley is designed to transport pallets. In particular, Euro pallets with dimensions of 80x120cm.

With the 4 rubber wheels and low rolling resistance, Euro pallets loaded up to 500kg, run smoothly and silently across the concrete path.

The trolleys are equipped with a towbar and drawbar, allowing them to be coupled. This way, up to 3 carts can be coupled to a Power Bee in succession.

  • Height: 262mm
  • Length: 1304mm
  • Width: 850mm
  • Small turning radius
    • Power Bee + 1 trolley = 3.9m
    • Power Bee + 2 trolleys = 4.2m
    • Power Bee + 3 trolleys = 4.6m

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