Qii-Jet H

Qii-Jet HAV

(automatic driving)

Qii-Jet HMV


Qii-Jet HAV Qii-Jet HMV

The Qii-Jet H is our spraying robot with hose reel. This spray machine is equipped with a hose reel that automatically winds and unwinds when driving on the pipe rails.

In contrast to the Qii-Jet TA with tank, the Qii-Jet H does not contain a spraying liquid reservoir. The fluid supply and pressure must therefore be supplied by an external machine such as our MSW.

The Qii-Jet H is available in two versions: the automatic and the hand-operated version.

  • Ergonomic, modern design
  • Fully powder coated chassis, mechanically blasted
  • Drive with maintenance-free gearbox (no chain)

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