Qii-Jet TAH-342 High - Strawberry spray machine

  • Qii-Jet spraying cart
  • Qii-Jet spraying cart with high stability

    High stability

  • Optimal weight distribution by pressure rolls

    Optimal weight distribution

  • Qii-Jet high speed spray cart

    Easy folding / unfolding

  • Qii-Jet spray machine - High speed cruise control

    High speed cruise control

  • Qii-Jet spraying machine with easy pipe rail or tube rail shifting

    Easy row shifting

  • Modular spray boom - spray boom extensions determined by bay width

    Different spray boom extensions available

The Qii-Jet TAH 342 High is an automatic pipe rail spray machine for the horticulture in greenhouses. The spray machine has a horizontal spray boom frame. This frame is equipped with vertical spray booms that point downwards for spraying plants on supported gutters.

The internal pump unit divides the spray solution over the horizontal spray boom where the liquid is dispersed from the spray nozzles. The Qii-Jet is perfect for crop protection and will help you keep your greenhouse free from diseases!

  • Tank 300l
  • Automatic speed and pressure calculation for desired litre/hectare
  • Easy input of parameters in a separate touchscreen
  • Equipped with 1 standard horizontal spray boom frame
    • Width 5100mm
    • Manually foldable
    • Possibility to place vertical spray booms each 75mm
    • Different horizontal extension lengths available
  • Input of various programs possible
  • Full-speed on pipe rails when not spraying - 110m/min
  • Automatically sprays the full length of the path or a partial length of the path, depending on the program settings
  • Separate button for selection of manual spraying
  • Automatically sprays the full length of the path
  • Full-traction batteries 24V – 400Ah
  • Transmission on concrete path and pipe rails
  • Self-centering swiveling wheels
  • Tank with built-in injector agitator nozzle for turbulence of tank contents

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