Qii-Jet TAV - Spray cart robot tank 300l

  • Qii-Jet
  • Qii-Jet
  • Qii-Jet
  • Qii-Jet
  • Qii-Jet
  • Qii-Jet

Because more growers want a completely automated, fast spraying machine, Bogaerts Greenhouse Logistics developed a whole new concept to use: the Qii-Jet. This concept results in a better divided axle load on the pipe rail and smooth transition from pipe rail to concrete path without increase of velocity.

  • Tank 300l
  • Automatic speed and pressure calculation for desired litre/hectare
  • Easy input of parameters in a separate touchscreen
  • Input of various programs possible
  • Full-speed on pipe rails when not spraying - 110m/min
  • Automatically sprays the full length of a path
  • Full-traction batteries 24V – 400Ah
  • Transmission on concrete path and pipe rails
  • Self-centering swiveling wheels
  • Tank with built-in injector agitator nozzle for turbulence of tank contents
  • Frequency driven pump unit

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