Qii-Pal - AGV forklift for greenhouse transport

  • Qii-Pal forklift automatic AGV
  • Qii-Pal forklift automatic AGV

    800kg lift capacity

  • Qii-Pal forklift automatic AGV

    Intelligent traffic control

  • Qii-Pal forklift automatic AGV

    Small turning radius

  • Qii-Pal forklift automatic AGV

    Automatic stacking & unstacking

The target of Bogaerts Greenhouse Logistics is to lighten the work in the horticultural industry. For this reason we developed a smart solution for the internal transport in the packing hall without human intervention: The Qii-Pal, an automatic guided forklift.

  • Able to automatically pick up and transport plastic Pallets, bags, CPS box (empty/full)
  • Transport to and from: storage area - Bogaerts greenhouse logistics' Palletizer / CPS container filler - expedition zone / cooling zone
  • stacking and unstacking
  • AGV or hand-operated
  • Intelligent traffic control
  • Safety scanner at front and back: stops at every obstacle
  • Zero-turn
  • Forks with built-in sensor
  • Max. lifting capacity: 800kg
  • Velocity: 3km/h
  • Full traction batteries - 24V - 400Ah
  • Drive with maintenance-free gearbox (no chain)
  • Solid Vulkolan® wheels
  • Less space than transport on chain conveyors

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