Transport cart with water tank

  • Transport cart with water tank
  • Transport cart with red roses - keep your flowers fresh while transporting and storing in the greenhouse

    Transport & storage of flowers

  • Transport cart with flowers while pulled by tow truck

    Connectable with Bogaerts equipment

  • Transport cart with draining valve

    Drain & valve

  • Transport cart in combination with THC flower harvest trolley

    Combination with Bogaerts harvesting equipment


Transport cart with water tank

The Transport cart with tank from Bogaerts Greenhouse Logistics is a multifunctional product for the transport and storage of flowers in the greenhouse and packing hall. The cart is equipped with a large polyester tank, volume of 0.64m³, and an integrated drain with valve.

The cart is equipped with 2 fixed wheels and 2 swivel wheels that allow it to be manually moved effortlessly over the concrete path. There is also a towbar on each side of the cart, which can be attached to a tow tug such as our Power Bee, for easy transportation, in both directions.

The entire flower crop process van be made even more efficient ba making use of our RHC flower harvest cart. Harvest fast, transport easy and store flowers efficiently.

  • Tank volume: 0,64m³
  • Tank dimensions: 1600x1000x400mm
  • Tilting fence

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