Gutter cleaner

  • Gutter cleaner for greenhouses
  • Gutter cleaning has never been easier

    Ideal for cleaning gutters

  • pipe rail trolley speed is maintained when cleaning the greenhouse

    Qii-Lift speed is retained (110m/min)

  • Hose reel with constant traction

    Constant traction

  • dual footpedal for cleaning in both directions

    dual footpedal for cleaning in both directions

  • Low step up height for ergonomic work

    Low step-up height (300mm)

The Gutter cleaner is a powerful and efficient solution to clean the crop gutters in the greenhouse.

The cart has the same functionalities and qualities as our popular Qii-Lift undercarriage, which can reach a maximum driving speed of 110m/min.

To ensure an ergonomic posture, the Gutter cleaner is equipped with two foot pedals.

You can clean the gutters on your left side while driving into the path and the gutters on your right side while driving back, or you can do it the other way around.

Thanks to the foot pedals, both hands are free to clean the gutters while operating the machine.

The Gutter cleaner can be connected to the central water supply, with a simple quick coupling.

Because of the high-power pump, the machine is capable to deliver up to 180 bar pressure which results in a powerful water jet.

Removing accumulated dirt from the gutters is easily done by using Bogaerts’ Gutter cleaner. 

  • Targeted cleaning thanks to the thin jet at high pressure
  • Hose reel with automatic hose guidance, designed for 3/4 ‘’ hose
  • High pressure pump with Honda 4-stroke engine
  • Spraying gun with adjustable spray cone angle
  • Maintaining of Qii-Lift speed

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