Qii-Lift pipe rail trolley

Qii-Lift H-Series

Qii-Lift Z-Series

scissor lift Qii-Lift scissor lift Qii-Lift

(without steering)

Qi-Lift H control panel without steering

(with steering, Zero turn)

Qi-Lift H control panel without steering

The pipe rail trolleys from Bogaerts Greenhouse Logistics have been substantially improved since their development on the basis of practical experience. This has led to a product that meets customers’ needs perfectly.

The end user chooses Bogaerts’ pipe rail trolleys because they are user friendly, stable and have a very low maintenance cost. Also because they meet the requirements for the CE mark and because the pipe rail trolleys are robust and reliable.

  • Proven robust high quality experience by using A-class components
  • Fully double layer powder coated chassis and scissors, mechanically blasted for years of protection and easy cleaning

Lifting platform

  • Smooth, fast lifting and lowering of platform with a soft start/stop, independent of load
  • Wide entrance at front and back side of the cart
  • Strong and contactless speed regulator
  • Anti-slip platform with built in, water resistant, stainless steel foot pedal

Drive system

  • Drive with maintenance-free gearbox (no chain)
  • Max speed 110m/min
  • Intelligent cruise control
  • Wheel driving by wide plastic wheels: no damage to concrete path
  • Max speed drive shall be reduced automatically at a specific platform height

Chassis and wheels

  • Rounded edges so no plant damage can occur
  • Flat chassis, boltless exterior
  • Guide mechanism integrated at bottom of chassis: no accumulation of dirt
  • Easy access to battery, full traction battery 118Ah
  • Extra operating panel integrated in chassis
  • Electronics are extremely resistant to vibration
  • Two fixed wheels and  two swivel caster wheels: easy moving on concrete path
  • Waterproof electronics, 1 print for all functions, 1 print for all products

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