Center-to-center distance

Different pipe rail center-to-center distance possible

Internal battery charger + cable

Battery charger integrated into the machine

External battery charger

Battery charger outside of the machine

Anti-stress floormat

Reduces body stress when standing for a long time

Reduction set

Used when center-to-center distance changes

Quick reduction system

Adjust center-to-center distance quickly and easily

Cooling fan

Creates a refreshing breeze when it’s hot

Glass holder

Useful for replacing glass panes in the greenhouse


Provides protection against the sun


Used to pull different kinds of rolling stock

Standing platform

Extra platform outside of fencing

Leaf bin 200

Used for collecting leaves (200mm height)

Leaf bin 350

Used for collecting leaves (350mm height)

Disinfection drip box

With timer function to enforce usage

Charging cable holder

Holds the charging cable

Tracking sensor

Intelligent start/stop sensor

Registration set

Registers which user uses which machine for how long/row

Control panel protection

Extra protection during cleaning

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