Interior roof cleaning module - Spray machine

  • greenhouse glass cleaning spray machine
  • pipe rail trolley speed is maintained when cleaning the greenhouse

    Qii-Lift speed is maintained

  • greenhouse glass cleaning spray machine cleaning glass with spray gun on tube rail trolley

    Targeted cleaning - High pressure

  • greenhouse gutter cleaning crop rotation high pressure spray gun

    Ideal for cleaning during crop rotation

  • greenhouse cleaning module with pipe rail trolley quick coupling

    Easy & fast quick coupling

  • greenhouse glass cleaning spray machine hose reel automatic hose guidance

    Automatic hose guidance

  • greenhouse glass cleaning spray device with hosereel and constant traction

    Constant traction

  • Row shifting without disconnecting

    Easy row shifting

  • In combination with mobile tank unit

The interior roof cleaning module is a spray module that is used for cleaning of the gutters and targeted cleaning of the glass from the greenhouse roof on the inside, ideal during crop rotation. It is a module that is connected to our Qii-Lift pipe rail trolley.

The roof cleaner is equipped with an internal pump unit, a hose reel and a spray gun. The module can be attached to the central water supply in the greenhouse.

  • Targeted cleaning because of the thin jet at high pressure
  • Also used for cleaning the ridge of the roof
  • Spray one side while driving to the end of the path, spray the other side when driving back
  • Hose reel with automatic hose guidance, designed for ¾” hose
  • High pressure pump with Honda 4-stroke engine
  • Spray gun with adjustable spray cone angle
  • Maintaining of Qii-Lift speed
  • Possible to move the the whole (Qii-Lift + Interior roof cleaning module) without disconnecting the module

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