Qii-Drive Deleaf - AGV trolley for removing leaves

  • Qii-Drive Deleaf
  • Qii-Drive Deleaf
  • Qii-Drive Deleaf
  • Qii-Drive Deleaf
  • Qii-Drive Deleaf
  • Qii-Drive Deleaf

Ingeniously and user-friendly, that is least you can say about this new powered harvest cart. The traction and wheel positioning is developed by Bogaerts Greenhouse Logistics. The Qii-Drive ensures a considerable increase of productivity at harvesting! It gives the crop worker more comfort while harvesting: the Qii-Drive drives at a constant speed, the user has both hands free. These carts operate fully automatic, the cart follows an inductive wire and stops at each obstacle or fixed stoppoint.

  • Easy handling on front- and backside
  • Comfortable working position: platform on the front- and backside of the cart, platform adjustable in height
  • Very good divided axle load on the pipe rail
  • Smooth transition from pipe rail to concrete path (no sudden acceleration)
  • Drive with maintenance-free gearbox (no chain)
  • No hydraulic lift system
  • Drives at desired speed (max. 110m/min)
  • Smooth finished chassis
  • Front and rear bumper
  • Can work in combination with Bogaerts greenhouse logistics' deleafing system
  • Can be used with BOPAD registration software

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