Qii-Pal S

  • Qii-Pal S
  • automatic forklift
  • efficient and structured warehouse

    Efficient movement of pallets and containers

  • differtent palets

    Structured warehouse

  • forklift

    Suited for all types of palettes

  • communication with other machines

    Communication with other machines

  • automatic forklift

    Easy control

  • automatic forklift

    Drive manually

  • buffer zone

    Deploy seperated spaces as additional buffer

The Qii-Pal S is a great solution for a tidy and efficient warehouse. This fully automated forklift is designed to work with Bogaerts Greenhouse Logistics signature induction wire and RFID technology. The automated operation provides large time savings compared to a regular forklift. Multiple safety features ensure that this happens in a safe way.

The machine is capable of lifting and transporting heavily loaded pallets, and stack them very close to each other. Due to its compact design and the lack of need for an operator, it is able to operate in narrow corridors. This means a better use of floor space in the warehouse.

Continuously communicating with the other machines, the Qii-Pal S prevents obstructions and traffic conflicts when combines in a larger fleet. On the contrary, it is possible to manually operate the Qii-Pal S, for example for a special, on-off task. Able to automatically pick up and transport plastic pallets, bags, CPS box (empty/full).

The Qii-Pal S is specially designed to:

  • Transport to and from: storage area - Bogaerts Greenhouse Logistics' palletizer / CPS container filler - expedition zone / cooling zone
  • Takes less space than transport on chain conveyors
  • Hydraulic lifting up to 1200kg
  • Maximum lift height: 500mm
  • Suited for pallets: 100cm / 120cm / euro-pallet / Bogaerts Greenhouse Logistics containers
  • Length of pallet fork: 1150mm
  • Width of pallet fork: 200mm
  • AGV or hand-operated
  • Velocity: 3km/h
  • Intelligent traffic control
  • Safety scanner at front and back: stops at every obstacle
  • Zero-turn
  • Drive with maintenance-free gearbox (no chain)
  • Solid Vulkolan® wheels

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