Spot Spray Unit - controlled crop protection

  • Qii-Jet HMV hand-operated pipe rail spray robot
  • Controlled spot spraying

  • Placement on Qii-Lift platform

  • Maximum Qii-Lift height operation

  • Shared Power below platform - no cables between scissors

  • Narrow set-up to prevent crop damage

The Spot Spray Unit is developed to meet our customers needs. Especially for those customers who use the Qii-lift series.

The main feature of the Spot Spray Unit is the ablility to spray crops with a very accurate amount of liquid in a specified area. 

This machine is designed to be used in combination with a Qii-Lift

The Spot Spray Unit has:

  • Controlled spot spraying.
  • Can be placed on a Qii-Lift platform.
  • Can be operated at maximum Qii-Lift height.
  • Is powered from the Qii-Lift's battery, what ensures no conflicts with the Qii-Lift scissors by hanging cables. 
  • Narrow geometry prevents conflicts with overhanging crops.

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