Tomato handling system

The tomato handling system is a system that is used to automate the weighing, packaging and transporting of tomatoes. Depending on what type of tomato the grower cultivates (tomatoes on the vine / beef tomatoes / specialities), the automation can differ. There are different degrees of automation: The automation can start in the greenhouse, or it can start in the packing hall.

  • Fully automated: the tomato handling system operates in combination with the Qii-Drive Tomato or the Power Bee AGV which pulls the Bo Cart harvesting carts. They drive automatically to and from the tomato handling system, guided by an induction course.
  • Semi-automated: the tomato handling system operates in combination with a hand-operated Power Bee which pulls the Bo Cart harvesting carts. In this case, there will be a few metres of pipe rail in front of the pusher unit to guide the harvesting carts into the correct position.

A tomato handling system is modular, always custom made: depending on the needs/desires of the customer and the available space in the packing hall. Together with the customer, Bogaerts greenhouse logistics always finds the best solution.


Tomatoes on the vine

tomato harvest system vine

Beef tomatoes

tomato harvest system beef

Tomato specialities

tomato harvest system speciality

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